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    Our team is carefully chosen to fit our company values

    Attention to detail, professional decisions are our skills towards great project management. But we also strongly believe in our core emotional values such as friendship, kindness, smiles, happy work atmosphere. Our team strives to maintain those values not only within the team but also with our clients. This is why we aspire to create sustainable partnerships that are built on honesty and bond and make hard work fun! It is our belief that emotions drive people and people drive performance. Building your own home with us is easy and joyful.

    Timber Frame

    Floor Cassette (Ceiling)

    Floor Cassette is one of the parts of the timber frame house. So in this article we will discuss what its types are. What are the layers of the floor…
    Timber Frame

    External elements of timber frame

    Every topic has its own terminology, and the construction of a timber frame is no exception. A person building a wooden house for the first time may not understand what…
    Timber Frame

    Timber frame myths

    Timber frame is surrounded by myths that originate from old wooden houses built years ago. Technologies have changed and myths are debunked. We know 10 myths, let's discuss them together.
    Timber Frame

    FAQ Timber Frame

    Do you have a question about the timber frame? You can always call or email us, but first, take a look at the frequently asked questions to see if the…